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Welcome to Soulight

Soulight is a health and wellbeing app with real purpose

  • Discover your mood

    Become aware of your emotions and connect with your inner-self.

  • Explore your mood

    Accept where you are and become mindful of your emotions.

  • Lift your mood

    Head towards positive emotions and achieve your happiness potential.

The Soulight journey

Three steps to improved mental wellbeing.


Begin by discovering where you are now

In step one you’ll use a combination of colour, music, emoticons and words to discover your mood in a matter of seconds.

Next, explore and become mindful of your emotions

In step two, music and colour lead you to explore, accept, reflect and connect with yourself.

Finally, take a journey towards your desired mood

In step three you’ll choose your journey and let personalised music and colour guide you to where you want to be.

The story of Soulight

Soulight is made by Musemantik and powered by MusicFlow, a unique technology with innovative dynamic music capabilities.

Embodying interdisciplinary concepts from artificial intelligence, music therapy, mindfulness and positive psychology, Soulight helps boost emotional wellbeing, prevent anxiety and stress, and alleviate depression.

Follow our progress

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